Crystal-clear water, rich in minerals, is the beginning of well-being and health.
You will find this in every last drop of our water.


Pleistocene water

This is NATA AQUA MINERALE's source of water.
Hydrate yourself with pristine water from post-glacial underground springs.

The ice sheet, which overlapped northern Poland millions of years ago, left behind layers of crystal- clear ice that transformed into Pleistocene water resources.

Water is life

Nearly 70% of the human body is water, which should be replenished daily.

Our immunity, nutritional processes, circulation, and blood composition are all affected by our choice of water. With its constant natural mineral composition, every sip of water is of exceptional value.



The natural mineral water that comes from our source is of primary purity. Before being bottled, our water does not undergo any other technological processes and is 100% NATURAL.

It is no secret that water influences the final taste of beverages produced from it. The velvety and mild flavor of NATA AQUA MINERALE water, as well as its optimal composition, favors combining it with other ingredients in the process of creating NATA beverages.



Our mission

and values

Keeping positive relationships with customers, contractors, the external environment, and the local community is at the heart of our business operations.

With respect for our planet's natural resources and in line with sound business practices, we have been producing natural mineral water for over 30 years - just what people need to live healthily every day.

Water and our other products are characterized by a solid attachment to the region that provides them, with authenticity and the most significant value of our company.

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