Nata Aqua or Pomorzanka? What is the actual difference?

Water is an essential part of our live, and choice between the right type of water to drink may have a significant impact on our health. Nata company offers two popular options: Nata Aqua mineral water and Pomorzanka spring water. While both options are excellent sources of hydration, there are some important differences between them that are worth to know.

The source of Nata mineral water and Pomorzanka spring water

The first and one of the key differences between Nata mineral water and spring water is the origin of the water. Nata mineral water is extracted from a depth of 153 meters, while Pomorzanka spring from a depth of 54 meters. It affects the differences between their mineral composition.

Nata mineral water

Nata mineral water is unique because of the way it is extracted. It is located at a depth of 153 meters below the earth’s surface, which means that it is protected against the influence of surface pollution and microorganisms. Nata mineral water is characterized by a pure taste and excellent mineral composition thanks to this exact treatment process.

It contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are beneficial for health. This water is often considered to be  natural health elixir that supports body functions and helps maintain mineral balance. It is worth mention that Nata Aqua is low-sodium water, making it suitable for consumption by everyone, including people with hypertension problems.

Pomorzanka spring water

Contrary to Nata, Pomorzanka spring water is extracted from a smaller depth, namely 54 meters underground. This is also a source of clean and refreshing water, but has a slightly different mineral profile.

Pomorzanka spring water is praised for its delicate taste, which is appreciated by many people. Its mineral composition differs from Nata Aqua water in the number of ingredients. Contrary to appearances, Pomorzanka has more of them!

The choice between mineral and spring water

The choice between mineral and spring water depends on your personal preferences and needs. Nata mineral water from deeper layers of the earth may be more attractive to those who value the purity of water and the health benefits resulting from the presence of minerals. In contrast, Pomorzanka spring water from a shallower depth may attract those who prefer a more delicate taste and a slightly different mineral composition.

It should be noted that both waters offered by Nata are of high quality and meet rigorous hygiene and quality standards. The final choice depends on each person’s individual preferences and expectations.